Ugarit Journal of Economics, Management and IT

Ugarit Journal of Economics, Management and IT (UJEMIT), a semi-annual coherent peer-reviewed journal; it works on publishing the inherent economic researches that dealing with the economic issues in the Arab Orient countries.

The Journal is concerned with attracting the meaningful scientific researches according to the commonplace researching academic norms to be conveyed to the broad knowledge space. It urges the researchers, academics and experts to work on the publication of their research aimed at bridging the knowledge gap in economic issues in the Arab Orient countries. The Journal serves to studies and researches specialized in the economic and administrative issues in the Arab Orient countries, Middle East countries and the experiments of the EU countries with the ability to utilize of them in the Arab Orient countries.  The Journal hopes through this approach to occupy a prominent position among the scientific circulars and be part of the prestigious international databases.

There are NO fees to publish in the journal.


Ali B. Mahmoud, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK and St. John’s University, USA

Editorial Review Board

Izidin El Kalak, Cardiff University, UK

Turki Alshammari, University of Hafr Al Batin, Saudi Arabia

Author guidelines:

  1. All submitted manuscripts will be subject to a double-blind peer review.
  2. Publications can be accepted in one of the following fields: research work (both empirical and conceptual manuscripts are accepted), viewpoint , and book review.
  3. All submitted manuscripts should be written in the English language (both American and British English are accepted). Check grammar and spelling before submitting the manuscript.
  4. All submitted manuscripts should be original works that have not been published before at any other journals in any language. Works previously published or submitted for publication in another place do not be accepted.
  5. Authors need to attach a Plagiarism Statement. Authors need to highlight that the submitted manuscript is their original work and has not been published before. Also, they should indicate that previous studies (articles, books, book chapters, .. etc) have been used accurately and mentioned in the reference list. The statement needs to be signed by all authors. The names of all authors, dates, and addresses should be written. 
  6. If the submitted manuscript is based on previous academic work such as master/doctoral thesis or conference paper, add a footnote on the title page. This footnote should provide full details about the thesis or the conference.
  7. The submitted manuscript should be less than 5100 words (this includes reference list, figures, tables, abstract, and any appendix or index).
  8. Font style is Times New Roman. Use 12 as font size for body text, abstract, and reference list. Use 16 font size and bold for heading 1, 14 and bold for heading 2, and 12 and bold for heading 3. This is an example: 1. XXXXX, 1.1. XXXXX, 1.1.1. XXXXX.
  9. Line spacing is 1.5 and margins are 1 inch top, 1 inch bottom, 1 inch left, and 1 inch right.
  10. Arabic numbers should be used.
  11. Reference style: American Psychological Association 6th edition [if you use an Arabic source such as an Arabic book, ensure that you add the Arabic title of this source].
  12. Submission should consist of two files: the title page and the manuscript. The two files need to be submitted in Word format. 
  13. On the title page, all authors need to provide their email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, affiliations, and a correspondence author should be mentioned. Also, the title page should include the title of the manuscript, an abstract (less than 200 words) and up to 8 keywords.
  14. The manuscript contains, the title, an abstract, up to 8 keywords,  an introduction, frame of reference/theoretical/conceptual framework, method/methodology, results/analysis, and conclusion. Figures and tables need to be added at the end of the manuscript (after the reference list). Their location should be mentioned in the text as follows: Figure 1: XXXXXXXXXXXXX – Table 1: XXXXXXXXX. Delete all authors names and their details from the manuscript. Book reviews and viewpoint could be structured in any other format.

To submit your work, kindly ensure that the manuscript meet the above mentioned guidelines. Send your work to ‘’ and write “UJEMIT” at subject.